Solar Solutions

Modern home with solar panels on roof

Solar isn’t just the future. It’s today.

Solar doesn't just represent the future of clean energy. For millions of families, solar energy is a cost-effective, practical, and easy solution to power their homes. Solar power in the United States offsets over 100 million metric tons of carbon dioxide yearly, and the U.S. produces enough panels to power over 16 million homes. Motion SG will help you and your family to switch to solar today.

Modern home with solar panels

Discover solar with Motion SG.

Motion SG is a full-service solar sales agency, representing leading solar manufacturers, installers, and companies to deliver tailored solar solutions to clean energy customers around the United States. Staffed by passionate solar experts and experienced salespeople, Motion SG is dedicated to delivering high-quality clean energy solutions and custom solar recommendations to secure the best prices for customers.

Expanding rapidly, Motion SG sells competitive solar offers in 15 states across the country. A trusted partner to every leading solar company, Motion SG represents an enterprising solar sales model that brings together the best products with the most knowledgeable salespeople.

Solar panels on the roof of a country home

Schedule a custom solar consultation.

Our solar specialists are the best in the business. We’ll work with you to assess whether clean energy is the right option for your home, to find the right products for your needs, and to guide you through adoption and use. We are committed to working with customers to better understand solar and to hiring representatives who can work with clients to find tailored clean energy solutions.

A partner to leading brands.

Motion SG partners with leading solar suppliers and manufacturers so we can secure tailored clean energy solutions at the best prices for our customers. Our specialists will work with you to learn about the best products on the market, whether you’re in need of a small energy solution or a complete energy overhaul of your home.

Solar Edge

Motion SG makes solar simple

Lower Costs

By partnering directly with leading brands, Motion SG secures the best deals on leading solar products for our customers.

Higher Quality

Our vetting process ensures that we only work with clients who provide our customers the highest quality solar products.

Strategic Expertise

Our solar specialists are the best in the business, working across 15 states to provide custom solar solutions to our customers.

Connecting homeowners to custom solar solutions

If you’re a homeowner interested in sustainable energy, contact us to learn more about your solar options, connect with leading solar brands, and get started transitioning your home to clean energy.