Why Motion

A new approach to solar sales.

Motion SG represents the future of clean energy sales for homeowners. Growing rapidly, Motion SG brings solar to homeowners on a national scale, servicing homes in 15 U.S. states. Our size, scale and buying power means we deliver customers leading solar products, best-in-class expertise, and low prices.

Modern home with solar panels

A company of entrepreneurs

As entrepreneurs, we are by design hard-working, hands-on, and driven. We believe in staying involved in the business on an hourly basis at the executive level, forecasting growth, and motivating our teams from the newest individual to the most experienced regional directors. At Motion Solar Group, we are building a national company from scratch. In order to be successful, we need people with the hustle, the grit, the energy, and the commitment to being part of something incredible and impactful - novice entrepreneurs who are open to working hard and earning the unlimited rewards of their efforts. In our eyes, we are limited only by the will of our teams and ourselves. If the drive to succeed and grow is there, we will continue to exceed our projected numbers and exponentially increase our customers.

Solar panels on a pool house roof

Full-service solar sales.

Partnered with leading brands and staffed with best-in-the-business solar sales specialists, Motion SG pairs consumers with the knowledge and resources they need to access clean energy solutions. We make solar simple, standing as your partner to choose, source and supply cutting-edge solar packages.

We strive to work with the most talented solar sales representatives and specialists, and we build our team to work hands-on with customers to find the right solutions. We are committed to helping customers better understand solar and to advancing the solar careers of our employees.

Connecting homeowners to custom solar solutions

If you’re a homeowner interested in sustainable energy, contact us to learn more about your solar options, connect with leading solar brands, and get started transitioning your home to clean energy.