Solar panels on a tile roof

Join a winning solar sales team

With service to 15 states, Motion SG is a fast-growing national solar sales company, and we need your help. Whether you’re new to the solar industry or come to Motion SG with an established track record in the business, we can help to advance your career in this fast-expanding market.

Our sales representatives secure commissions from all of the leading solar companies while working hands-on with customers to offer custom solar solutions. We use our unique partnerships to negotiate the lowest redlines for salespeople and deliver the highest commissions. Join our team as a customer service representative, brand ambassador, sales manager, technician and more.

Why work with Motion SG?


Partnered with leading brands, Motion SG is a fast-expanding solar sales agency, ready to maximize the potential of an ever-evolving industry.

Highest Commissions

Our staff is our greatest asset, and we pay the best to have them. We deliver the highest commissions and lowest redlines in the business.

Exceptional Training

Whether you're new to solar or a pro, we deliver comprehensive training to all our employees and use the best sales software in the industry.

Best-in-Class Team

As a member of Motion SG, you join a cutting-edge team for innovation in solar sales and clean energy, growing and expanding with us.

Career Opportunities

Appointment Setter

At Motion SG, our teams know that making money, staying fit, and running your days like an entrepreneur is the best way to build a career. With ongoing product and sales training, leadership and management courses, continuous access to coaching, and a social media platform dedicated to providing the sales insights and support you need, joining Motion SG isn’t just a step in the door to a great company, it’s an invitation to join a collaborative team on a mission.

We are adding Appointment Setters to our team. If you can make connections with people, and thrive in a self-driven role, this is an opportunity to play a critical role in the success of the business while accelerating your professional growth.

Solar Sales Representative

We are adding Solar Sales Representatives to our team. We focus on collaboration across teams to successfully secure prospects and close sales through education and relationship building. We operate in a flat structure, taking an entrepreneurial approach to growing our business and that of the providers while focusing on making a difference. And we have fun together. This is a rewarding opportunity to accelerate your professional career.

Connecting homeowners to custom solar solutions

If you’re a homeowner interested in sustainable energy, contact us to learn more about your solar options, connect with leading solar brands, and get started transitioning your home to clean energy.